Kai's Corona Blues

Lyrics für “Kai’s Corona Blues”

I met that lady while a sudden move
couldn't step back so kicked her broom
her sparkling gaze nailed me on the wall
she smiled, her breath caressing me
her lips were tasting honey-sweet
And then she told me her name was Corona

I thought what a lovely lady she was
took her away to a pick nick in grass
we shared a bottle of wine and kissed again
I was blinded by her curly hair
legs as endless as a railroad track
Why should I reject my Corona

Corona singin’:
Look what a dream of a man he is
I'm getting dizzy with every kiss
He is the guy that my inheritance should spread
with a look out of my deep dark eyes
I'll keep him under my spell this night
he will not spot what means: I'm Corona

The day was dawning we reached my home
She brought me to bed, I stayed alone
But during the night I dreamt her name and feelings
I woke up in the morning and fevered for her
I coughed, could't smell, feeling flabby all day
like a thunder it rolls – her name was Corona